Residency Period: AUGUST 2021
Area: Installation;


Video documenting Footnote Resident Yannis Michos’s interactive sound installation Enydreíoproduced in collaboration with Footnote Centre for Image and Text and presented at Magacin in Belgrade on Friday 27th August, 2021.

The installation is a real-time sonification of an aquarium, incorporating processed field recordings and live interactions with visitors via ultrasonic waves.

Yannis Michos is an Athens based sound artist. Largely influenced by the urban environment and its connection to the rural setting of his upbringing, as well as the social conditions that developed in each of these places independently, he considers noise as an initially flexible material which - after being moulded and solidified - can represent a multitude of emotions and ideas. After completing his studies at the Contemporary Music Research Centre, hosted by the Athens Conservatory, he composes and performs musical compositions, mainly influenced by musique concrète. He also creates sound installations incorporating self-made or circuit blended electronic devices, field recordings and various objects. (@yami.chos)


Footnote Centre for image and Text was established by Allan Parker and Mia Cuk as an artistsresidency in Belgrade. Its mission is to support initiatives by visiting artists as well as by Belgrade based practitioners. You can find out more at: