Residency Period: November 2021
Area: self-publishing, samizdat, experimental printing


At the core of Kolxoz Collective’s practice is a belief in the radical potentiality of printed matter to create communities and act as a platform for socio-political self-reflection and conversation. As well as self-publishing, they stage events and performances: creating temporary publishing houses and distribution centres, hosting workshops, open studios and social spaces such as coffee bars and clubs. Their current research focuses on methodologies for facilitating collaboration and they often make use of readily available or defunct technologies. The following statement by Kolxoz Collective provides an outline of their ambitions:

 Kolxoz: Short for коллективное хозяйство [kollektivnoye khozyaystvo]  meaning «collective economy».

 Kolxoz Collective is a Tiraspol–Prague–Chisinau collective that works inside the cycle of cultural production – from research, creation and replication to distribution, theoretical formulation and presentation: Turning every step of this process into a manifestation of perception of surrounding realities. The aspiration of Kolxoz is to prevent its own self–isolation and to keep contact with the status and issues of society.

 Kolxoz explores the potential of limits.

Kolxoz explores possibilities of mobile autonomous technology to communicate out of formal zones.

Kolxoz explores outdated and forgotten tools, practices, ideas in order to keep their purpose in a new context.

Kolxoz explores collectivity as a format of work, as a work of art, as a search for alternatives, as a practical response to challenges that cannot be dealt with by a single person.

Kolxoz is Trud

Trud is Kolxoz


 Recent projects include: It’s nice to be bridge. But people walk over it. Jeronýmova 88, Praha ~ Žižkov, Czech Republic; ‘Up to Ground, Down to Cosmos’ a Semi-nostalgia, almost melancholic, autumn necrologue salon 3rd space studio, Zpace-Atelier, Muzeul Zemstvie, Chisinau, Rep. Moldova (both 2020); and ‘Spalatorie Velo’ Public presentation of Kolxoz Manifesto publication and postcards. Public washing and catharsis of bicycles. Flat Space, Chisinau, Rep. Moldova  (2021). Forthcoming projects include: OSTRALE Biennale O21, Kombinát in ISO container, Dresden, Germany; Moneyfesta, All nomads are workers, Kitchen, Vienna, Austria.