The studio is located in the heart of Belgrade, within the historical district of Dorćol, near Kalemegdan fortress. The house in Strahinjića Bana 12 dates back to the early 30’s and represents an authentic example of the early modernist civic architecture in the kingdom of Yugoslavia. It is a one-story building, composed of a grand salon used as a gallery and a lecture-space, four rooms including two guest rooms, a balcony, basement (ex wine cellar) and a garden. Hidden behind a socialist-style building from the 50’s, it is a perfectly preserved fragment of the past, with original composite structure and architectural features from the period.




The house provides a space to work, learn, contemplate, and experiment. At residents’ disposal are desk spaces and a spacious area for presentations, temporary exhibitions or screenings. The house is covered with a fast Wi-Fi, and has all the essential facilities. The studio is equipped with digital printing facilities, bookbinding tools, as well as a variety of analogue and digital cameras and a studio lighting equipment. We are working towards expanding our production capacities towards adapting the basement and attic spaces into image and printing labs.