the experimental novel


Retrospective of drawings (2007-2021) by Sava Zolog as a possible take on the Chicago Imagists collaging composites of #mistery # hypertrophied naturalism #erotica #chance #esoteria #farce #abstraction #obfuscation  #bestiary #fiction #inventory #avant­garde #tarot # haphazard #dice  #marginalia #asemic #alchemy providing implications emerging from the bastardisation of drawn figures, texts, narratives and cut-out genres. A “fragmentory” of bad jokes on the method-effects described in The Experimental Novel: And Other Essays by Émile Zola (1893). This impulsive show-book, or novel-exhibition opens with the adaptation of a paragraph from André Breton's Soluble Fish (1924) [...] a certain journal made a specialty of publishing the results of psychic operations that up to that time were unheard of and gave rise to completely different opinions as to their advisability...

Exhibition opens on Saturday, 17th of April at 6 p.m. at the Footnote Centre for Image and Text. On view by appointment until Saturday, 1st of May.



Sava Zolog (Crnjevo, 1992-)
pornographer and socialist.

Prosthetic Pavillion

Extravagant Bodies




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YANNIS MICHOS ExhibitionYannis Michos is an Athens based sound artist. During his residency he worked towards on an installation at Magacin Cultural Centre.

YANNIS MICHOS ResidencyYannis Michos is an Athens based sound artist. During his residency at Footnote he made field recordings which he included in the installation he completed in Belgrade.


Anja WickiAnja Wicki is a Lucerne based illustrator and comic artist. She studied illustration fiction at the School of Art and Design in Lucerne and Hamburg.

Issues with my other Half and other Stories by Anna VasofAnna Vasof is an architect and a media artist and a ringtone composer. Born in 1985, she studied architecture at the University of Thessaly (2010) in Greece and Transmedia Art (2014) at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

SURFACES IN BECOMING (PAUSE II) Dimitra KousteridouDimitra Kousteridou is a multidisciplinary artist based in Athens. Her focus is on time-based, site-specific installations that manipulate noise and sound through the use of physical objects.

Bookbinding WorkshopYou will learn the necessary skills to make dummy books to develop your own projects in the future.

Resident: Inês d’OreyResident: Inês d’Orey Residency period: May 2021 Area: Photography

Sava Zolog#2 The experimental novel (2007—2021) Sava Zolog

From A to BTime travel, blue mountains, the dancing moon (artist book | 2019) From Beijing to Saint-Petersburg. Photographs, text, and song from the Trans-Siberian / Trans­-Mongolian railway.

#1 Studio Research: Katrin Keller We are pleased to present the works of Katrin Keller in the first of our Studio Research series, which features work in progress presentations by invited artists. Please join us for a presentation of her works in progress to be displayed at the Footnote Centre for Image and Text on Monday 25 January at 7 p.m.

Interview with Hanna Priemetzhofer“Those who fall in love with the Danube do so with the whole river, with her entire body, even those parts they have never seen.“ Nick Thorpe, The Danube: A Journey Upriver from the Black Sea to the Black Forest

Resident: Manuel SteinmannResidency period: October 2020 Area: Literature Manuel Steinmann is a writer from Luzerne, Switzerland. He holds a Science Bachelor in Environmental Engineering. Between 2017-2019 he attended Literary Writing Studies at the Bern University of the Arts.