Resident: Tadej Vaukman
Residency Period: June 2022
Area: photography; drawing; publishing;


Tadej Vaukman (1984) is an independent artist, photographer and publisher. In his predominantly photographic-based artistic practice he often follows the principles of rough documentary and street photography through which he documents and comments on topical phenomena from the margins of society and shows unembellished images of the world. In his more recent works he remains true to a brutal aesthetic, in which he departs from an uncritical documentation of his narrow circle of people and his own everyday life. The shift towards the exploration of one’s own intimacy, both personal concerns and fantasies, points to a process of individuation, expressed in the visual narrative primarily through self-portraits and handwritten notes on pages torn from books. Vaukman has participated in solo and group exhibitions at home and in international cultural galleries, his works are included in several collections. He is the recipient of the OHO Group Award (2019). He lives and works in Ljubljana.