767, or The Dance of Life

 As part of his residency at Footnote Centre for Image & Text (April-May 2023), Yiannis I. Andronikidis (co)created “767, or The Dance of Life,” a two-part work comprising:

 [1] a zine exploring the expansiveness of what could be a number/an address/a decelerating vehicle/a teeming wound/a valley of accidents… in the company of Robert Frei (fictional) and a 19th-century (ghost-)writer/pamphleteer/“textual hacker” (non-fictional)


[2] an audiovisual installation, made in collaboration with Johanna Gschwend, Moritz Hossli, and Evangelos Gkountonis, tracing a once-existing street address in Widnau (St. Gallen, Switzerland), where his grandfather used to live and work in the early 1960s.

 767, or The Dance of Life was presented as part of the exhibition Vulkanizer at Ostavinska (Belgrade, Serbia) on May 26-27, 2023, and is connected to his ongoing research project Translation as (an)Archival Process (2021-).


Resident: Iannis Andronikidis
Residency Period: March-May 2023
Area: art history; translation; poetry;

Yiannis I. Andronikidis is an art historian, writer, and translator. After studying History, Archaeology, and History of Art at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, he completed his thesis at the Edinburgh College of Art entitled Documented subjectivities, artistic autonomy, and the social register: critical analysis of Forensic Architecture’s vision. In 2021, he initiated an ongoing research project, translation as an_archival process, as part of The Whole Life Academy in HkW (Haus der Kulturen der Welt), which consists of a series of visual, textual, and audio documents and culminates in the print publication, Blue Magnets, forthcoming by A) GLIMPSE) OF). His texts and translations, in different formats, can be found, among others, in Philosophy World Democracy, Another Gaze/Another Screen, TripleAmpersand Journal (&&&), Arts Catalyst, Ultra Dogme, fade.radio, and Beater. Since 2022, he has been undertaking research at The New Centre for Research and Practice.