Soundgate Belgrade
Recorded in Footnote Centre for Image and Text, 25.06.23

With Mia Ćuk, Mark Boninsegna, Fiona Glen, Luka Strika, D.A. Calf, Yannis Mihos, Marianna Karava, Nenad Pinter and sound contribution from Luka Toyboy

Soundgate is a @lumpenstation research trip aiming to discover and exchange with different art scenes through the Balkans, along with a desire to create a mutual curiosity. For the event at the Footnote Centre for Image and Text in Belgrade, we invited artists, poets and musicians to participate in the live radio show in order to discover their work and share their practice via the world wide web and the LS network.

Host : Andrea Marioni
Visual : Studio Vanieli
© Lumpen Station, with the support of Ville de Bienne and Kanton Bern

Mark Boninsegna @mboninsegna
Fiona Glen @fiona_____glen
Lukatoyboy @lukatoyboy
D.A. Calf @d_a_calf
Yannis Mihos @yami.chos
Luka Knezwvic Strika @lukastrika
Marianna Karava @marianna.karava
Nenad Pinter @pinter_ic


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