Introducing kyklà

In conversation: David Bergé, Milica Ivić, Mia Ćuk
Footnote Centre for Image and Text
Kralja Milutina 34, Belgrade
Wednesday, December 7, 19h


We are pleased to invite you to the presentation of kyklà, a small imprint, producing a series of books resonating with phenomena in the Aegean Archipelago. Kyklà is a publishing organ in Athens, directed by David Bergé and driven by a trans-disciplinary team, exploring critical and experimental positions in writing. With each volume in this series, we are slowly forming a catalogue of liquid forms of modernity: corporeal bodies – historical and actual, real, and imaginative.


The presentation will be hosted at the Footnote Centre for Image Text and will include a discussion between David Bergé, founder and editor of kyklà, Milica Ivić, art theorist and a contributor to the series and Mia Ćuk, independent artist and a curator.

 Kyklà has published 8 titles which will be available to purchase on the day of the presentation:

 Key words: island topographies, archipelago culture, experiences in landscapes, urbanism, historical (dis)continuities, queer culture, gender equality, non-patriarchy, archaeology of moods and emotions, narratives of travel and tourism, corporeality, public health, healing, and poetry.


+  David Bergé is an artist living in Athens, Brussels and Berlin. He works on site-specific interventions, installations, walk pieces, and book projects.

+  Milica Ivić is an artist and art theorist from Belgrade. Her theoretical work is mainly inclined to the acrhiving, institutionalisation, and production of contemporary dance. She is part of the Matrijaršija/Novo Doba/ Fijuk network.

+  Mia Ćuk is an artist and a curator who works with photography, writing and gestures. She is the co-founder of Footnote Centre for Image and Text, an independent artist-run space in Belgrade.