Resident: Gerta Xhaferaj
Residency Period: May 2022
Area: photography; video; installation;

Gerta Xhaferaj (1993) is an Albanian visual artist and photographer with a background in architecture, living between Tirana and Basel.

 Cultural identity constitutes an integral motive in her work, besides the idea of cultural transfer, where cultures meet, merge and catalyze the emergence of new semiotic chains. 

Being spontaneously and also methodologically drawn toward a documentary approach, her aim is to achieve a deep level of involvement with her subjects. This thematic refrain is explored in her work through a wide range of mediums from photography, moving image, installation and sound. 


Gerta‚Äôs work has been exhibited in: Boulevard Art & Media Institute; Tirana (2022); Vogue Photo Festival; Milan; (2021); Ecumene Project, Bologna (2021); Bazament Art Space, Tirana (2020 - 2021); Galeria e Bregdetit, Vlora (2019); COD - Center for Openness and Dialogue, Tirana (2019) amongst others and she is a finalist at "Ardhje Award 2022" at ZETA Contemporary Art Center in Tirana.