Dimitra Kousteridou

 We cordially invite you to the exhibition-performance “Surfaces in Becoming (Pause II)” by Dimitra Kousteridou on Saturday 10 June at 8 p.m. at the Footnote Centre for Image and Text.

The piece situated between a performance and a sound installation explores the concept of sym-poiesis simply translated as “making-with” which is in contrast to auto-poiesis, or self-making. The author Donna J. Haraway offers a redefinition of the Anthropocene, preferring to conceptualize it as what she calls the Chthulucene, as it more aptly describes our epoch as one in which the human and nonhuman are inextricably linked in symbiotic practices. In her work Dimitra Kousteridou makes references to this shift in viewpoint through the use of acoustics and built sound environments in which she employs found and self-made instruments, objects that channel and transpose the sound like a fixed piano, hand made circuits and pedals, piezo microphones, slow-drying matter such as clay, all connected rhizomatically and acting as a singular organism. The sympoetic system can be left to sound by itself, letting the environment cause the materials to undergo micro changes, determining the piece's sonic structure, engaging the performer as a component of its circuit. 


Dimitra Kousteridou is a multidisciplinary artist based in Athens. Her focus is on time-based, site-specific installations that manipulate noise and sound through the use of physical objects. The core of her interest lies in deconstructing the visual identity of subjects or objects and infusing them with new acoustic character, reinforcing the physical, aural and aesthetic qualities of their soundscape. Recently working on improvised sound compositions with handmade instruments (interactive handmade synthesizers). She has performed and exhibited in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Portugal and Greece.