Resident: Alia Zapparova
Residency Period: May 2022
Area: photography; writing; art books;


Alia Zapparova is an artist and writer. She was born in Moscow, studied philosophy and photography in the US and UK, and currently lives in Berlin.

 Alia’s interest in these conversations between image and text is also integral to her own artistic practice. She works between photography and writing, placing them in various configurations, as handmade books, small-scale image-text installations, and performative readings. Her work has been exhibited all over the world, from Berlin and London to Australia, India, Greece, Serbia, and Portugal. 


As a co-coordinator for Artistic Research | Performing Heterotopia, she collaboratively organized and curated events that included a mix of performances, screenings, presentations, readings, and workshops. She is interested in intersections between realities, imaginaries, genres, and mediums; in the ways art collects incompatibilities, heterogeneities, impossible combinations, chance encounters. Her projects often involve collaborative experiments between image and text, such as an image/text publication on the theme of Missing Out, which she is co-creating and co-editing. Alia is currently art editor of Sand magazine (Berlin).