RESIDENT: Annosh Urbanke
AREA: art history; art criticism;


Annosh works in the areas of writing, curating, photography and artistic research. She resided at footnote for the continuation of her research and interest in avant-garde art collectives in ex-Yugoslavia and today’s self-organisation. As part of the intrinsic dimension that these collectives produced, she is also interested in the relationships and the way these collectives were organised. She questions, from her merely West-European background, how to look at this socialist history to engage and contextualize with this heritage in neoliberal reality.

Annosh Urbanke (1992) holds a BA in museology (Reinwardt Academy) and MA in modern and contemporary art history (Utrecht University). Annosh writes in fiction and about art for Mister Motley, Bronze Age, Metropolis M, Tubelight and Universe, among others. As an independent curator she made group exhibitions and public programs for MAMA, This Works, Atelierhaus Aachen, Museum het Schip and Vensterbank Leiden. In her artistic research and work as a photographer, she explores nostalgic and contemporary forms of tourism. While considering personal and collective experiences, she looks at today’s consumption and performative elements in tourism.