/ Yiannis I. Andronikidis & Mojca Radkovič

 In the context of the Residency at Footnote (April-May 2023), Yiannis I. Andronikidis & Mojca Radkovič collaborated on heh-THO, a print publication exploring the “here-and-now” in textual and photographic terms that dissect, metabolize, and open up its spatial and temporal referents by means of an orality that lives off the ephemeral nature of (I) quasi-romanticizing crying discourse, (II) choriambs dancing around, (III) orange accounts on how to pluck a fruit, (IV) hedo(il)logicalities, (V) pleasure machine, or machine pleasure, (VI) eu-dai(e)monics, and (VII) screaming therapy sessions.

 Their publication was designed by Ilia Gromov, and printed by Jovan Jović at Kulturni Centar Magacin. A poster printed at Matrijaršija accompanied its presentation at Footnote on May 30, 2023.